Our range of services

Salomo has been successfully working in the flower and plant cultivation sector for many years. Our long-term expertise as well as our efficient and low-cost corporate structure enables us to offer our clients an efficient and individually tailored service.
Trustful contacts to the producers guarantee reliable processing of your order.

We particularly address clients from the construction market sector, food retailing and garden centers.

We provide you with fresh goods from the Netherlands and other European countries.

To guarantee smooth processing, we offer the following services:
• Competent and professionally knowledgeable staff.
• Offer preparation in line with the client’s specifications.
• Selection of items according to requirements and in consultation with the client.
• Reservation and order placement at the producers.
• Quality control during production phase as well as during commissioning and loading of the goods.
• Price labelling using EAN codes and special labelling according to client specification.
• Conduct and organization of hall logistics and transportation
• Implementation of special requests
• Availability of all relevant transport containers and cardboard packaging
• Carrying out exhibitions for clients at our headquarters in Aalsmeer or at the client’s location.

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